Hoover H-Free 800 A high-tech option that even counts your calories burned

The Hoover H-Free 800 is a cutting edge cordless cleaning choice, accompanying an application that lets you watch out for the battery level and reveals to you when the canister needs discharging; you can likewise set up parental controls, and it even tallies the calories you’ve copied while cleaning.

Three cleaning modes and no under eight apparatuses make this cordless vacuum about ridiculously flexible, and it’s pleasantly lightweight as well. It’s superb at cleaning pet hairs from floor coverings and dry spills from tiles, and it’s the genuine article over rugs, regardless of whether it doesn’t deal with the profound cleaning of the absolute best cordless models.

In the event that you need some additional cleaning get up and go the super-ground-breaking turbo mode doesn’t baffle, despite the fact that the run-time is moderately short right now. The H-Free 800 is a great all-round cleaner at a not too bad cost.

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